This new site combines the MJP (Eastern Auto) related shops and offers automotive  products with a particular reference to

Datsun and Nissan Fairlady Z and ZX models.

MJP (Eastern Auto) was established more than 15 years ago to provide a restoration and repairs service for owners of performance Nissans. We also regularly import tuning and custom parts from our American associates. We are specifically agents for Motorsport Auto and Stillen products.

Fairlady 240Z


You can access our parts Shop on-line at www.mjpshop.co.uk.

The site you are on now contains links to a wide range of products that we find interesting and relevant to a keen motoring enthusiast’s life. They won’t all be Z related items, but you should have fun searching through the pages we offer. Your suggestions for featured products will be gratefully received! Note our NEW Shopping Experience link above – great deals from a safe Amazon environment. If you don’t see it then search! Everything is available.